• Commercial strategy support

    • This could be either a one off activity or on a regular basis.
    • We can provide someone to either sit in your business or be on call, whether that is a fixed day a week/month or a fixed amount of hours a month.
  • Developing a Contract and Commercial team

    Do you need to develop a contract and commercial team but don’t have the budget for the experience that you would like?

    • This is where we can come in to support and develop a more junior resource. We would generally do this as a mixed package of on the job training tailored to any specific contract or commercial skills gap and an allocated number of hours a month to be on call to your resource(s) to help guide them through more complex contractual and commercial issues.
  • Negotiation

    Are you signing a big contract with another company?

    • We can front that negotiation, hand in hand with you, to help guide you through both the dangerous and beneficial commercial aspects

    Are you in dispute with a customer or a supplier?

    • Looking Glass Solutions can pull together all the evidence, create a clear dispute position and use that to negotiate a resolution with you.
  • Contract Review

    Risk assessment – do you know how good your contracts are? Where you have risk or exposure?

    • We can provide a one off review of your contracts, identify any gaps and risk areas so that we can advice how to fix this going forward

    Profitability review – are you finding that your contracts are not as profitable as you expect? Do you know how profitable your contracts are?! Are you finding that you are required to do more than you expected?

    • We can provide a one off review of your contracts and how they are performing so that we can give you skilled and easy to follow guidance to improve this.